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Team Member Positions and Responcibilities
Brent Vinson
Age 17
Paintball experience- 4+ years
Position-Ladderside corner/ mid
Current marker setup-
Silver w/ black accents FS8
Dye UltraLite
CP reg
Halo B
Crossfire 68/4500


Forest Plourde-Cole
2 1/2 years playing
17 years old
Stonington Highschool.
Cross Country, Basketball, Tennis
Position- Front
Halo B
Guerilla Air tank


Josh "JD" Draper
Location- Preston, CT
School- Norwich Free Academy
Age- 15
Other Hobbies- Graphic Design, Photography
Paintball experience- 3 years
Position- Ladder Front/Mid
Current marker setup-
Black-Red Fade FS7
Dye UltraLite
Empire Fuel w/ SP Mini Maxflo 68/4500

Marc "LOVS" Lovisolo
Derby Connecticut
5 Years Experience
Indian Creek V8 Freestyle Black w/Red Accents
SP All American Freak Barrel
CrossFire 68/4500
New Dezings ASA
Emmit O'Brien Tech HVAC Senior
Pitcher EOB Baseball
Andre "Lil-Squid" Lepine
Plays ladder
Shoot a ION "Soon To Be A FS8
Age 14
East Hartford High School
Played 5 Years
Sports Paintball Paintball Paintball

Chris O'Grady - Owner/Manager
Don Draper - Assistant Manager/Coach/Player/Team Photographer
Carl Lovisolo - Team Marker Tech and "Royal Pain In The Butt"
Marc "Lovs" Lovisolo - Back/Back Corner Player
Josh "JD" Draper - Home Player
Brent "B-Rent" - Front Mid Player
Ryan R-Bang - Front Mid Player
Trevor "Sunami" - Snake Player
John and Paul Dapkus - In the Mix Somewhere
Soren - In Sprit MIA
Forest Plourde-Cole -

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