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Sponsored by Indian Creek Designs our Marker Tech, Carl specializes in Freestyle repair and modifications. Over the years Carl has developed relationships with some of the top names in the industry such Indian Creek Designs and Greg Shutte of Blue Fork Designs.

Below is a FS8 modified with the Blue Fork Design Snatch Grip/Pull Pin Conversion.. This modification not only accents the marker but makes field stripping a breeze. You can find a link to Blue Fork Designs web site in our link section below.



V7 Manifold Modification
Increase efficiency, +-2 achievable with this mod

Important File Downloads

NOX Reloaded Programing Codes

Predator Code Programing

Chaos 2K6 Freestyle Codes

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V7 Unexplained Paint Breakage; Check your Govonor Cage and Poppet.

Blue Fork Design
Indian Creek Designs
PB Nation
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